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Have new toy - Foxwell Scanner - some unusual readings.

Rather than belabor the thread that has now been fixed Re my transfer case, I would lie to tackle the other issues that have come up. I made a PDF from my scanner and if I can I will place it here, if not I can copy and paste.

Vehicle Diagnostic Report
Vehicle Information
Brand: BMW VIN: WBAFB72060LY97461 Plate Number: AA583D
Model: X'_E53 Mileage: Color: Met Black
Year: 2006_08 Capacity: 3.0 Status: Unset status
Engine: M57 Reference: Date: 19.11.2023 11:59:46

Diesel Electronics DME
ID Status Description
4212 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 1
4222 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 2
4232 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 3
4242 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 4
4501 DDE: Exhaust-gas recirculation (This is blocked from operating)
4671 DDE: Supply voltage 1###

Transmission control unit EGS
ID Status Description
51A8 No message (throttle valve/accelerator pedal), receiver EGS,
transmitter DME-DDE ###

Dynamic stability control DSC8 DSC/DXC
ID Status Description
5F22 DSC: Engine management: interface ###

Instrument cluster KOMBI
ID Status Description
BD IKE: Electronic braking-force distribution ???
F6 IKE: No CAN identification (DME) ???

I have left out the Panoramic sunroof as I am not concerned with that and parking distance control as that is easily understood. I tried searching for these initially as they are worded but it leads me to cars and completely different fault numbers. I added the X5-E53 nomenclature but that did not help and gave almost the same answers and had a crossed out X5-E53.
I tried the shorter versions of these, but it still did not work the way I hoped.

"EODguy" did tell me to clean the connection of the accelerator but I have not done that yet. where is that located.

Now in full disclosure of the tests, this was initially to track the effect of what felt like binding drive line on a real four wheel drive. I had a constant Transfer case message of worn out oil and as you can see that is gone.
I did put my offset rims back on the rear and this was the result after a drive, but I did a four wheel rolling test and drove 15 km around the suburbs including roundabouts. That test showed a 100% equal rolling diameter, but as "Omodos" mentioned they are two different brands. I have no growling noise, vibration etc, just these faults, some of which are new.

I will mark them with a green Star. The Instrument cluster KOMBI seems to have things I am not sure of seeing before, however I will change back to the same wheels as the front today and do another test. Just what is the Instrument cluster KOMBI and how does it play into the grand scheme of this?

I will order six new glow plugs as well.

I think I am more dangerous now that I have a scan tool I solved one problem but created more. Hopefully returning the tyres will return some, fingers crossed.

Cheers, Jeff
I own a BMW E53...Always questions, unfortunately I can rarely supply solutions. I will try to give results to my problems if they are fixed and how it was done.
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