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Today I changed the rear wheels back to the 9" with the same tread pattern on them. The only difference between the front and the rear is about 5000km and after measuring the tread depth in several places on each wheel, they all have 6.5mm depth, naturally easing out to the edges equally. The only difference currently is the front are the crab claw style and the rear are five spoke. I think they have a different offset, but both are 9" wide x 19" diameter with exactly same size tyres and tread.

There were significant differences from the first diagnostic above, which was still the same this morning until I cleared it. Again I will only put up the faults that registered.

You will see the difference in some while others are missing completely now.

Diesel Electronics DME
ID Status Description
4212 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 1
4222 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 2
4232 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 3
4242 DDE: Glow plug, cylinder 4
4501 DDE: Exhaust-gas recirculation

Park Distance Control PDC
ID Status Description
28 PDC: Control unit

Instrument cluster KOMBI
ID Status Description
BD IKE: Electronic braking-force distribution


Automatic scanning results
System Name Status/Count
01-basic module III ZKE Pass | No Fault
02-Diesel Electronics DME Fault|5
03-Electronic immobilizer 3 EWS Pass | No Fault
04-Transmission control unit EGS Pass | No Fault
05-Multifunction steering wheel MFL Pass | No Fault
06-Steering angle sensor LWS Pass | No Fault
07-Dynamic stability control DSC8 DSC/DXC Pass | No Fault
08-Transfer box VGSG Pass | No Fault
09-Panorama glass sunroof SHD Fault|3
10-Automatic heating/air conditioning IHKA Pass | No Fault
11-Park Distance Control PDC Fault|1
12-Instrument cluster KOMBI Fault|1
13-Multiple Restraint System ZAE Pass | No Fault
14-Universal charging and hands-free facility TELEFON Pass | No Fault
15-Light/Check Module IV LM Pass | No Fault
16-Rain/driving-lights sensor RLS Pass | No Fault
17-Video module 5 VIDEO Pass | No Fault
18-Independent/auxiliary heating STH Pass | No Fault

I am still getting the hesitancy sometimes and I was thinking that maybe it might be worth trying the old trick of putting a washer under the wheel speed sensors to lift them out a bit there definitely seems to be some sort of alternate force effect happening, like braking or retarding effect but not to the extent of the stalling of the engine.

I'll clear the faults and do this every day for the week to note if there are changes. I'll only post if something big happens or a change occurs.

Could glow plugs cause this effect? I have ordered six new ones.

Cheers, Jeff
I own a BMW E53...Always questions, unfortunately I can rarely supply solutions. I will try to give results to my problems if they are fixed and how it was done.
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