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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
Try your ISTA to verify code as "P" codes are generic and sometimes not what you think.

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Prior I did read the codes and they revealed the same + cylinder shutdown due to the misfire and alternator code, but there is nothing wrong with the alternator... it is charging the battery just fine @ 13.6 - 13.8V. I do think it might be the comms wire to the alternator that is the issue, but that is not the cause for Cyl7 misfire (At least I do not think it is?) The battery is at a constant voltage and does not drop below the "regular" 12.7V (when powered off) and 13.6V when idling. I also did replace the alternator regulator and battery not too long ago (about 5 months now).

Cheers for the suggestions, I have decided to read the car again with ISTA just to be sure, SS is attached, along with some stats from INPA (I know it a bit better) Maybe these can give a hint to something? The Camshaft advance on bank2 is a bit high, not sure if this could be related or if its normal, seems to be out of spec by a few degrees?

Originally Posted by 80stech View Post
I don't anything about the V-8s but you need to do a compression test. Maybe faulty new injector? Strange that you have/had so many injector harness problems??
That is my next test for sure! My in-law will be bring his compression tester here tomorrow and I will test it, I can say that I know the injector is firing now since I can smell the raw fuel being dumped out the exhaust. (This stops as soon as the DME shuts off Cyl7. So its not Fuel...

As for the injector harness... yeah... weird is all I will say... It might have been me though, when this first started I did put a needle connected my voltmeter to test continuity and I may have busted the pins on the harness side? Maybe? I do for sure know its on the harness connector and not the injector side that is the issue. Since I swapped the harness out, 0 issues with the injector open circuit and with INPA I can successfully now control each injector. Before swapping that harness, I could not.

A new development tonight, crank but no start... Never happened before, I was working on her earlier today, started a few times and had no issues, tried about an hour ago and she would not start at all, Had a few cylinders fire off and then it would just crank with no start. I tried 3 times and the 3rd time she started with the same cyl7 misfire... No new codes nothing new besides the no start.
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