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Originally Posted by 80stech View Post
Knock value up on 7 is worrisome but not necessarily a problem. Compression test will tell more. I'm not sure if it's a problem with these engines but a worn out cam lobe is something to keep in mind. Strange that 2 misfire codes and the alternator code got set at the same mileage and the adaptive headlite code 5 miles later.

I believe the knock on Cyl7 is because of the cylinder shut off? Higher knock since the piston is being dragged rather than exerting the forces from combustion. (I am not sure thought...)

As for the codes, I was testing things, so I cleared them prior to taking the photo, the headlight level sensor and alternator have been an "issue" since we got the car 3 years ago, I have the headlight sensor ready to replace when warmer weather comes and the alternator regulator was replaced but the code is still there, as I mentioned, I believe its the comms wire that connects to the back of the alternator, I will troubleshoot that in warmer weather though.

I did stumble upon a thread that mentions incorrectly seated valve retainers after a valve stem seal job causing a constant misfire. And the behaviour looks the same as what I have on Cyl7. So this compression test will probably end with not great compression...

As mentioned earlier, today I will be getting a compression tester, I am hoping to be able to do the test today when we get back.
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