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Was valvetronic motor test, Now: Misfires on 6,8-4.4i N62


I pulled the driver side motor-I'm getting misfires on 6,8 (at least that's what bmw scanner 1.4 says).

I also did more research. It seems the valvetronic 1,2 are standard motors, and valvetronic 3 uses stepper motors and doesn't use position sensors.

If you apply +-12V the motor will spin one way, then the other.

The driver one seems to work well. I will test it by bolting it on to the cam assemble and testing it under load there.

Ok, on to a more general question....I'm getting misfires on 6,8 after doing the valve seals (And all the valve cover seals also).

Initially, when I did the motors, I did not follow the wind down procedure and there was bit of popping on the motors upon removal.

On first startup, the engine ran poorly. WTF! I read about finding the upper and lower limits on the assembly, but I don't have inpa or insta, so until I do, I can't get this done. I did do the 10 gas pedal thing at key on run, and also let it sit for 15 minutes in run...What do you started and idled great. It had a bit of a hesitation when you come to a stop a hiccup but not bad.

But, it had a coolant leak, and in the time it took to fix that, the battery died and now it has misfires again.

How do I check for signs of intermediate shaft damage, other than the gear teeth (Which appear in very good shape)?

I'm starting to think about swapping an LS and being done with this overly complicated engine management system! (Maybe with a 4 barrel carb lol).



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