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Thanks for the info. I may hit you up for more on that if I can't get this thig to work.

I try not to bore people with long winded stories about this project. It's my daughter's bmw. In canada, you have to import vehicles from one province to another-this requires an inspection. I'm trying to get the vehicle good enough to pass. It was running fine, but had the typical valve seal problem found on these engines.

I pulled the cradle, fixed the valve seals (Which were absolutely awful), and upon reassembly it has a misfire-then it went away, now it's back. Super weird. So I'm trying to locate a fault which is intemittent-always a fun job.

I'm just picking away at issues that could lead to misfire. What lead me to believe it was valvetonic related was that I tried one of the 'fixes' for the valvetronic system which is to leave the ignition on for 15 minutes then try again...Like magic the misfire was gone so I thought the issue is valvetronic related.

However, trying this approach again did not fix the misfire when it came back, so I thought I'd dig into it.

See, long story.

Anyway, some progress last night. I checked the intake and exhaust cam timing-they are 100% right on. I'm now reassembling the drivers side valve cover etc.

I'm also trying to get a copy of INPA working so I can get some insight into this system. I'm trying to find the BMW PassthroughD but its nowhere....very frustrating!

************************************Anyone have a copy they'd be willing to share??******************************************* *****


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