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Originally Posted by Factory6speed View Post
- H&R lowering springs
- Bilstein B12 kit (uses eibach springs)

Bilstein has been impossible to get for years. My original thought was the h&r springs with Bilstein B6. But I don't know if the springs go low enough. The B12 kit is probably a better option, but would have the same indefinite wait time.

Kwv3s are probably overkill. I don't want this thing to be all stiff and race handling.
I have H&Rís with B6ís and I love it!

I donít know if it applies to E53, but Eibach springs with B8ís on the E39 was so.. so.. I was told. They were replaced with H&Rís and the owner said it was a better ride.

The H&R B6 combo is pretty stiff though. I wouldnít go as far to say full race, but they definitely tighten up the ride quite a bit. But again, I love it!

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