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Hey Folks, so the engine/trans got delivered, upon inspection, the cylinder walls are perfect and the valves are in great condition.

One question I do have, there seems to be a revised CCV system on the new engine, the cylinder 1-4 valve cover, the old engine has the CCV diaphragms built into both valve covers, however the new engine has an external one for cylinder 1-4 and the VC for 5-8 have it built in like the old engine.

Part# for the CCV repair kit: 11127547058
Part# for revised VC: 11127563474
Part# for old VC: 11127522150
Part# for external CCV: 11617563476

Now it would be simple to keep the revised VC, my only concern is that the new CCV has an electrical connector that the old engine does not. This is the only difference with the 2 engines, should I be concerned or should I just swap over the the old VC that has the built in CCV? (I am changing the VC gaskets anyways, so it does not really make too much difference efforts wise).

In my opinion, the external CCV has a connector, whether its a sensor or a solenoid, I cannot tell, but the DME on my car will not know what to do with it, maybe it will? With that in mind, I think it would be best to swap to the older VC.

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