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I did mine last summer and was not as hard as it looks. I took the center console out which (I think made it less of a fight, or maybe just a different fight ) gave a chance to get that all cleaned up nicely. It would be nice to have a second person for maneuvering the dash out and back in but I was able to do it myself (with a bad back). One thing to watch out for is how the leather accordion seal attaches, I did it wrong and took the dash back out to fix that. I don't totally remember how that looked but I think the trick is to leave the seal on the dash and detach it from the steering column cover. also I had a spare connector hanging in the center which is identical to the IHKA connector but the blower won't work if you plug in the wrong one so watch that! If someone goes through with this could they please note if the fan motor screws are loose before you take the motor out.
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