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switched power might be inside nearby glovebox

Originally Posted by Henn28 View Post
...That said, how and where to tap power for the switch side is my question. I think Iíll run the power for the actual lights from the jump post at the drivers side cowl. A fuse tap would be easiest for the switch power, but I donít see anything logical to tap off of in the fuse box under the hood, or the box behind the glove box....
Do you have the glovebox flashlight in your X5? I didn't, but I did have the charging socket in my glovebox, so I hard-wired that switched circuit to trigger terminal #85 on the fan relay (Derale 16738), so I could either use the thermostastic switch or manual override to power-on my aftermarket fan.

I couldn't find a switched circuit underhood, so since that's the only one inside that I wasn't using, it was a simple choice. I suppose you could use an auxiliary power adapter to plug into (so the flashlight could be charged overnight, if you have one), but it was easy to tap into. Then, you could run the power wires beside your console to the switch panel, all hidden under the carpet trim.

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