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rough translation using web translator:

FIRST OF EVERYTHING If haceis this is under your responsibility. Aqui I explain since I have made work my navigator with POI, concretely I I have put POI of radars p˙blicados in and until today this he is legal. As far as responsibilities I want no neither on software nor hardware, I have tested many and the navigator nor the reader have suffered damages, reason why I doubt much more that those that useis the final version of all my tests, tengais no problem, but more bond to leave it clear Tools: UltraEdit - UltraIso - DVD Decrypter - WinRAR or 7zip - or Convertirdor of asc to idx and URL for MKIV -ýdxurl_mk4.exe UltraISO We will use it to create an image of the original DVD in our hard disk. (We will need 4GB approx) For it we needed to introduce our original DVD 2006-01 in the reader or engraver of DVD of the computer To open UltraISO File - Open CD/DVD - Open File - To keep Like - Name: "C:\BMW\DVD200601.ISO" - To keep Once we already have created the image of the original DVD, we will come to extract it. To open UltraISO File - To open - Name: "C:\BMW\DVD200601.ISO" - To open Actions - To extract - Name: "C:\BMW\DVD200601 \" - To accept - To extract all the archives of '/' - Yes We already have all the structure of archives of the original DVD in our hard disk. We entered "C:\BMW\DVD200601\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726 \" (This sera the route from which we are going to divide all the modifications) On the folders that we are going to work they are: "ICONS" (Icons) and "SPA" (Spanish-Spanish). If teneis your navigator in another language instead of "SPA", to choose your language: ENG(English) - FRE(French) - GER(German) - ITA(Italian). We entered "SPA" - (C:\BMW\DVD200601\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\SPA) From now on single I will make reference to ICONS and SPA, already we assumed that the route always will be = C:\BMW\DVD200601\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726 \ UltraEdit 32 We will use it to publish the files in way text, since if we published them with the Pad of Notas or WorPad or Word, we will have problems. Note: In UltraEdit, to see the tabulations "very important", we must change a configuration of UltraEdit in version 10 of UltraEdit is not necessary to change nothing, single is in later versions like the last one that you can be unloaded from the Web that is the 12. We opened UltraEdit Advanced Menu - Configuration + Publisher (first) "Adjustment of Line" (the last one within Publisher) Two fixed values to "2" appear, we changed them "to 8" To apply - To accept We will already be able to appreciate the tabulations. Once east fact change of configuration in UltraEdit 32, we opened file "SPA.LSC" To open UltraEdit File - To open - SPA.LSC - It wishes to turn the file to format TWO? - Not (Never we will turn ningun file to format TWO, that is to say, always we will puncture that NOT) Podeis to throw a look to him to the file, to understand it a little, is simple. This divided by sections: # TPD-HOM - Initial Pagina # TPD-GRP - Groups # TPD-CAT - Categories # TPD-ICO - Icon # ICONDSC - Information of the Icon # TPD-SEA - Groups HTML of the screens search Empezemos with this file SPA.LSC: in # TPD-CAT sides this: 101 TPD-CAT N CINEMAS 102 TPD-CAT N THEATERS 103 TPD-CAT N CASINOS it adds one more just underneath with I number corelative, so that it is thus: 101 TPD-CAT N CINEMAS 102 TPD-CAT N THEATERS 103 TPD-CAT N CASINOS 104 TPD-CAT N RADARS since we have added CATEGORIA 104, we must say to him in that group must appear asi that right above where this the section # TPD-GRP we added I number 104 to GRP 800 He was asi: TPD-GRP 800 103 101 100 102 We left asi it: TPD-GRP 800 103 101 100 102 104 Note: just at the end of the line, there is a well-taken care of space not to erase it, I number you can put it where you want, ahead, in the middle, behind but they have a space in the end and must continue being Explanation: If you pay attention to section TPD-CAT we have added CATegoria 104, and in section TPD-GRP we have inserted it in Group 800. In section TPD-CAT we see that him CAT 800 is the one of Entertainments and has one "and" indicating that it is a GROUP What means that to find ours categoria 104 "RADARS", we must enter the GROUP Entertainments. In section TPD-CAT we have all categorias... take N and others take Y (N=NO) and (Y=YES) those that take and means that YES, that IF, they are going to be a group and they are going to go above in section TPD-GRP fijate in section TPD-CAT in I number 800 TPD-CAT 800 And Entertainments this creating one categoria with I number 800 saying to him that if is going to be a group and one is going away to call Entertainments then above in section TPD-GRP it appears that group 800 (Entertainments) within you would estaran all categorias that we add... the 103 to them, 104, etc... if where we have added the 104 reason why within entertainments we will have categoria 104 that is radars and it is where we will have to enter with the navigator to find it The following section is # TPD-ICO ahi that to add the icon of the 104 TPD-ICO 103 /ICONS/RR/POI_ENTERTAINMENT.PNG TPD-ICO 104 /ICONS/RR/POI_RADARS.PNG Single you must create the line of icon 104... you can copy the line of the 103 and stick it just underneath, for asegurarte of which copies the tabulations and spaces exactly equal and single to replace the 3 by the 4 and the name of ICO in this section it is not necessary to leave space at the end of the line because the rest of lines does not have it either (they must be identical) paste is necessary to practice the Copy The following section is # ICONDSC right under the 103 you add the one of the 104 that is these two lines ICONDSC 104 G508-G524-S024/ICONS/RR/POI_RADARS.PNG+G539-I0+G523-I2+G522-I1+G521-I2! ICONDSC 104 G508-G524-S028/ICONS/NAVI0X/POI_RADARS.PNG+G539-I1+G523-I2+G522-I1+G521-I2! The icon you you can unload from aqui POI_RADARS.PNG, aqui are several options (, also podeis to create you your own icon. It must be PNG, and the complete name in CAPITAL LETTERS, the size does not matter can be 28x28, 36x36, 46x66, it does not matter because it shows without problems any size to it, but visually is left better 28x28 or at the most 30x30. the icon is necessary to also copy it in two different sites "\ICONS\RR \" and "\ICONS\NAVI0X \". The following section is # TPD-SEA right under the 103 we copied it and we beat underneath and we left such asi it: 103 TPD-SEA http://tpdhost/cgi/form?templ=/SPA/SE/SF_CASINO.HTM&UNIT=%23%┘' 104 TPD-SEA http://tpdhost/cgi/form?templ=/SPA/SE/SF_RADARS.HTM&UNIT=%23%┘' I have called to file "SF_RADARS.HTM" you can call it "SF_RADARES.HTM" or "SF_ANTICASPA.HTM" or as querais... this is the following step with file SPA.LSC we have finished, we kept it, puncturing in the diskette of above, pressing CONTROL + S, or Archivo-Guardar.... it will create a backup of the file, before the modifications that are called "SPA.LSC.bak", in the same directory of the "SPA.LSC", that copy we can erase it... now that we have modified LSC in # TPD-SEA completes section we said to him: 104 TPD-SEA http://tpdhost/cgi/form?templ=/SPA/SE/SF_RADARS.HTM&UNIT=%23%┘' it is to say "/SPA/SE/SF_RADARS.HTM", is what we must create but as I am so good person I give to created file htm you it you can unload of aqui Note: Your you can modify the htm, tendrias that to enter /SPA/SE /, to copy for example any other like SF_CINEMA.HTM and to renombrar it to SF_RADARS.HTM the same with ST_CINEMA.HTM, to renombrar it to ST_RADARS.HTM you take SF_CINEMA.HTM, copialo and it sticks, it will create "Copy to you of SF_CINEMA.HTM", renombras to "SF_RADARS.HTM", the files must go in "\SPA\SE \" if these familiarized with I cosay HTML, it will not cost to understand it to you it opens SF_RADARS.HTM and SF_CINEMA.HTM ultraedit above has pesta├▒as so that you can be viendolos, or an icon to organize the windows in tile horizontal or vertical the difference is enough, to replace words CINEMA by RADARS to assign to him to new numeros of idx and url and I have added an image to him of head to leaf HTML The image you can unload it from here cabecera.jpg and you have it to copy in "\ICONS \" You will have seen in SF_RADARS.HTM that the calls were to 0079.idx and 0080.url as we already have HTM the following step is to create so FAMOUS IDX and URL for that we needed to unload of the version for mapsonic or the one of categorias or the one of speeds, the one that to each one him of the desire does not matter, it gives equal the one that you lower it gives just as it has 2, 3, 10, 100 separated files of asc, because the program you put it in the same directory where all the files esten asc and it joins the solito that any person can execute from her Windows, without having installed neither Perl nor nothing of anything of anything it is not necessary to clear the icons nor nothing single leera * asc she is one hurts that the single icon can put it to 16x16 and to 16bits of color; ( but habria made one with relief and shades but much PRETTY Inicio-Ejecutar-cmd-Aceptar (Under Windows XP/2000/2003/NT) Note: Inicio-Ejecutar-dosprmpt-Aceptar (Under Windows95/98/ME) CD C:\bmw\radares if you execute the program, it gives instructions you ascýdxurl.exe it gives instructions you of use, if you execute ascýdxurl.exe spa, you gives them in Spanish as we are going it to do for SPA, in Spanish and as our pagina is called SF_RADARS.HTM we must execute it of the following way ASC╠DXURL SPA RADARS it gives just as you write it in minusculas, the program turns it single to mayusculas when you do that, idx created two files to you and the URL..... of all asc that there are in that directory you already have the files idx and URL now you must renombrar them to as they were in SF_RADARS.HTM that they were: 0079.idx and 0080.url and to copy them in "\SPA\TABLES\0 \" UltraISO To open UltraISO File - To open - Name: "C:\BMW\DVD200601.ISO" - To open In the window of the right, we are entering, TPD, nccBeu_eu_20050726 It selects to SPA and ICONS and him DAS to the right button To eliminate or To suppress Now it drags to UltraISO carpetaa "SPA" and "ICONS" that you have modified from "C:\BMW\DVD200601\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726 \" When they have been added... takes little File - To keep Like - Name: "C:\BMW\DVD200601_RADARES.ISO" - To keep DVD Decrypter To open DVD Decrypter Mode Menu - ISO - Write In "Source - Please select to cases out..." - we punctured in the icon of the yellow folder with the magnifying glass We selected "C:\BMW\DVD200601_RADARES.ISO" - To open In "Destination" it will appear the model of our recorder of DVD, if we have several we selected in which we want to record. In "Settings - Write Speed", we selected "1x" We introduce a virgin DVD in the DVD recorder and "DVD Decrypter" will activate the grisaceo button to us of the left inferior part, to be able to record. Finish EnlacÚs related Source code of the Converter: ascý Credits I want to thank for the ideas and aids of: Joaquin Ferrero - Without his aid and its experience like programmer Perl, this project it could not have been possible. Javier Achirica - By its initial idea with the E90! Bravo To enjoy it... Sds Lupito
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