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More pics of the new 4-door BMW coupe to compete with MB CLS. The handle-less rear doors are similar to Porsche Panamera.
3.0 with 306 HP,
4.4 with 408 HP,
3.0d with 300 HP and
5.5-V10 with 550 HP.

Check the Panamera rear door. Who is copying who

AutoBild article translated with Google
In the core authority. , Where dynamics, innovation and radiant emittance determine the mark picture. The native of Munich could have relatively rapidly countered - nevertheless they decided to wait. Why? Because the resonance seemed with difficulty calculable on a four-door Coupé. And because they were anyway well working at full capacity with X6, super Touring, new 1er-Varianten as well as the regular successors.

Already six months before the start Mercedes of the CLS had made the BMW strategists for the executive committee of three suggestions: • That as a CLS killer designated Viertürer was internally a 7er-Coupé with same wheel base and identical length. • That as 6er-Shooting-Brake listed 2+2-Sitzer could internally have booked despite continuous wheel base more place in the rear and a variable Gepäckabteil for itself. • That as LC5 well-known draft was internally a 6er-Limousine with four doors, four seats and a coupéähnlichen silhouette.

After a long art break the highest guidance circle decided to give only at the beginning of 2006 a concrete feasibility study for the LC5 in order. The car, which is called F14 now, is to come to unconfirmed information in September 2011 on the market - almost at the same time with the second generation Mercedes of the CLS. As basis serves not the long and heavy 7er-Reihe, but the more compact 6er, whose new edition is scheduled as Coupé (F12) and as Cabrio (F13) for beginning/center 2011.

All three new large BMW (5er, 6er, 7er) divide the technical basis with a fourth vehicle, the future “small” Rolls-Royce. The component set is freely combinable like a building block principle in its elements. That is also necessary, because even the grown wheel base of the new 6er-Reihe is not sufficient for a genuine four seater. There it is more meaningful to set on the longer understructure of the 5ers a sporty-fashionable, coupéhaften hat.

But BMW wants not to copy but form improved in again invent the CLS concept by Mercedes. O-clay/tone from Munich: “The cumbersome in and door, knappe available space and the oversubscribed optics are points, which we want to optimize and with our mark values occupy. That is called almost inevitably that we must develop a new door concept for our car, without disturbing B-columns done. This beginning serves for to the Design, the space utilization and - if one it makes correct - also passive security.”

Like the next 6er also the LC5 without middle roof posts gets along. Which has functional disadvantages with the Zweitürer hardly, must be accompanied with the Viertürer by various structure-improving measures: • By the compelling closing sequence (in the back first, then only in front) the middle joints overlap like two particularly strong side members. • By seat-integrated belts and four Seitenairbags the passenger protection is revalued door-independently. • By the circular door cutout and by two t-shaped bracings lateral collision forces are not only punctually taken up, but also derived laminar to the particularly stable frame area.

And does fall does the large Coupé with the unorthodox door concept stand? “It is the best option, because it saves length and weight”, betrays an executive committee. “In addition it offers a rather unique mixture from exclusivity, emotion and driving dynamics.” It is still unclear whether the new model has consequences for the progressive rate of the 6er-Reihe, which are soon closely occupied with Coupé, Cabriolet and Coupé Cabriolet. Perhaps it is worthwhile itself to redefine the sheet metal folded slab roof variant and as if of eight-lines up into the niche between 7er-Reihe and Z8-Nachfolger to page out.

First computer forecasts issue the four-door Coupé project a good certification. Since approximately 70 per cent of the creation of value by synergies and resembling hurry are taken off, one believes, to be able to increase the Profitabilität of the series with small additional expenditure clearly. Particularly motorizing - as with the CLS - only four aggregates to cover is: • the 3,0-Liter-Benzin-Turbo-Sechszylinder with 306 HP • the 4,4-Liter-V8-Biturbo with first 408 HP • the 3,0-Liter-Diesel with register loading and 300 HP • in the M-version the V10 with then probably 5.5 litres capacity and 550 HP.

With the transmissions BMW sets both on broad front on one mixes from double clutch wheel works and sport automats, with in each case seven drive positions and optional operation over switching paddles at the steering wheel. The selector lever packed into a leather pouch must yield a Joystick with two switching levels. In the left lane, in the right manually takes over the automat is switched the command. The park position rests on push of a button in is direct it by Joystick or over the electrohydraulical parking brake.

Contrary to 5er and 7er the pneumatic cushioning nor the all wheel option are compellingly intended for the 6er neither. As set are considered against it the new electrohydraulical brake with Brake ton stop function, the further developed active steering element, perfectly again co-ordinated rear axle kinetics as well as broader 18, 19 - or 20-tariff wheels.

Additionally to the Wankstabilisierung dynamic drive work the chassis specialists on an active roll stabilizer as well as on a combined feather/spring and absorber adjustment. Likewise in discussion is a trace retaining assistant, who might carry good services out particularly with narrowed driving strips. If succeeds positioning the new model as entrance into the 6er-Reihe the however position of the CLS would be at least concerning the price at one blow threatened. Naturally BMW Mercedes must killen not equal - however it might make the life clearly more difficult for it.

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