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Nav system acting screwy in hot weather

The other day when temperatures hit nearly 100 F, the Nav system in my 2005 X5 started acting majorly funny. First it stopped given directions. Then while in split screen mode the left side of the screen showing the map went completely blank just showing the cursor stuck in the middle of the display. When I got home I went to eject the Nav DVD (latest version) and noticed that the NAV DVD computer was quite hot to the touch (not sure if this is normal). After the car cooled down the Nav system seemed to work just fine.

Over the next couple of days the nav system acted in a simliar manner. Since temperatures have dropped to the 80's the system seems to be working fine.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm even thinking of mounting a large heatsink to the top of the NAV DVD computer to dissipate some of this heat if that is the culprit.
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