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I had to drive to Nashua this morning, 90 miles roundtrip. The car seems a little better, but it still feels strange somehow. At higher RPM, it still clunks.. The first thought I had when I felt this was that my coils had arched.. They did that in the X5 when I was driving, and the feeling was the same. Cruising at about 75, the car will sometimes start making this droning noise. It goes away after a while. If I rest my hand on the shifter at idle, it seems to be shaking more than normal. Even the handling seems a little off, but I could be imagining that. One of the reasons I thought I had water in the engine was that when I was driving home last night, some water dripped onto my foot from somewhere under the dashboard.. I was wearing flip flops, so I felt it. The car starts fine, but it sounds a little strange at first. All the electronics seem to be working fine.
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