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In addition to the main communicatino module, you will also need a microphone, BT antenna, BT antenna cable, eject box, adapter cables for the eject box and ULF/assist module. BMW makes conversion kits for the E38, E39, and E46, so I am pretty sure that they also make a conversion kit for the X5 of your manufacture date. I just do not know the X5 part number. These are the individual parts that I think you need for your car. Plus, for reference sake, I also list the E38 and E39 kit part numbers (the kits have all of the individual parts and then some). Finally, try contacting Jonathan Vanderwarf at BMW N Scottsdale, [email protected]. He knows the BT retrofit kits pretty well.

E38 Installation Kit 84.11-0 390 316
E39 Installation Kit (9/2000-2/2002) 84.11-0 390 318
E39 Installation Kit (3/2002-on) 84.11-0 302 647

Bluetooth Antenna 84.50-6 928 461
Bluetooth Antenna Cable 61.12-0 137 616
Eject Box with Tray 84.21-6 933 415
EL0 18 pin Adapter 84.12-0 308 373
FAKRA Antenna Adapter 84.32-0 027 140
Microphone 84.31-6 938 762
Owner's Manual For Voice Input System 84.11-0 027 942
ULF D-Sub Adapter 84.12-0 308 375
ULF Owner's Manual 84.11-0 302 638
ULF Passkey Reference Card 84.11-0 302 646
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