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Change your oil right away !!! For the price of an oil change vrs a new engine, it is a small price to pay for something that might fix your car.

all the other suggestions sound good as well. But, you do not need to remove the park plugs to dry them out, however I would take out the plugs and examine them. I think there is a chart on what a good plug should look like, if not google it.

This is going to sound funny, but I had a GTX that hit a huge puddle, more like a small lake. It was soaked from head to toe. when I chugged all the way home, I changed the oil twice. Changed it once with a crankcase cleaner, then changed the oil again. Enginve was fixed. As far as the water dripping on your foot, I had the same thing in the GTX, (now this will sound funny) but I took the dehumidifier from my basement put it on a board on the front seat and craked the window a few inches. I let it run overnight in the car and in the morning it had almost a full bucket of water in it. The car smelled fine and was perfect to dirve then next day. Never had a problem again.

Good luck, let us know how u make out.
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