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For your first time, wash the car with Dawn liquid dish soap then dry thoroughly with a good quality micro fiber towel. The Dawn will take any old wax off the car since Zaino does NOT play well with other waxes.

Use a clay bar to get all contaminants off the surface.

Apply a quarter size amount of Z5 to the applicator and apply to one panel. Using the same applicator, apply a quarter size amount of Z1 to the same panel. Do the same with Z2. Apply thusly to the entire car.

By the time you have finished applying to the entire car, the first panel should be ready to remove. In order to determine whether or not it is ready, run your finger through it. If you see paint, it is dry and ready. If not, wait...

People advocate using ZFX. The only time I have used that is when I used Zaino during my Euro Delivery and it was snowing outside. As such the garage in which I was working was quite cold. The ZFX helped it dry faster. During summer (or the rest of the year here in Los Angeles) there is no need for ZFX.

For maintenance I detail the car between washings with Z6. I only use Zaino car wash when there is serious junk to get off the paint, otherwise I just use water. After ths first round of Zaino, I would only use the Z1 and Z2 for monthly (or bi-monthly) waxing. Once a year (or if you notice scratches) I would add Z5 into the mix.

Note that with Zaino the more times you apply it the better it looks. For your first time, I recommend at least 2 coats. After that one will do.

I have seen other people with different Zaino techniques. I am quite positive people will tell me my process is wrong. However, it always looks great and lasts a long time. I have been using Zaino for many years and have tried many different techniques. The one I described above is fast, easy and works great.

Good Luck!
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