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The current M5/M6 has SMG III (Sequential Manual Gearbox).....There is a clutch but electro-hydraulically controlled by the SMG electronics. You have a gas pedal and brake pedal, two paddles on the steering wheel--the right paddle upshifts/left paddle down shift and central shift knob that also allows one to shift.

In the US, the E46 M3 had SMG II (6-speed, SMG). The M5/M6 has the 3rd generation SMG gearbox. In Europe, the E36 M3 had the option for the 1st generation SMG.

In the E46 M3, whether you order the traditional 6-speed manual tranny or the SMG, they both use the same 6-speed tranny. The SMG does away with the clutch pedal because you hit the paddle to upshift, the computer will control the clutch/throttle action and it does it precisely and quickly. By no means is SMG an automatic tranny....there is no torque convertor....SMG is basically a manual tranny with the clutch & shifting electronically controlled....

I have SMG in my E46 M3.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini have similar SMG system.

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I don't understand. clutch?

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