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ok.. I can see it now.. haha.. here's my take. The idiot is a tool. There is a clutch. Just no clutch pedal. People make the mistake of taking their foot of the gas in between shifts and also shifting under 3K. SMG is very jerky if you do either of that or a combination of both. A little practice and you can be extremely smooth. Also on the downshifts, you do need to keep foot on gas to get the FULL blip. Most of these idiots journalists don't understand that. pretty funny. If they say the acceleration of the Camaro and CTS-V is comparable, he was NOT in p500 Sport mode. Besides, with M drive, you set it and forget it. my preference, P500S, EDCII, MDM on, Active Seats on, and Drivelogic at S5. One push of button..

Originally Posted by Michelle
This article is from Baltimore Magazine:

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