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have to disagree with the last statement. Both the Fcars and the Lambo's use the Magneti Marelli sequential system (or a rendition of it). It's more similar to SSG in the Z4 3.0. the MM sequential boxes do auto blips on downshifts and are much smoother as compared to the SMGII and SMGIII.

Originally Posted by Kewl X5
The current M5/M6 has SMG III (Sequential Manual Gearbox).....There is a clutch but electro-hydraulically controlled by the SMG electronics. You have a gas pedal and brake pedal, two paddles on the steering wheel--the right paddle upshifts/left paddle down shift and central shift knob that also allows one to shift.

In the US, the E46 M3 had SMG II (6-speed, SMG). The M5/M6 has the 3rd generation SMG gearbox. In Europe, the E36 M3 had the option for the 1st generation SMG.

In the E46 M3, whether you order the traditional 6-speed manual tranny or the SMG, they both use the same 6-speed tranny. The SMG does away with the clutch pedal because you hit the paddle to upshift, the computer will control the clutch/throttle action and it does it precisely and quickly. By no means is SMG an automatic tranny....there is no torque convertor....SMG is basically a manual tranny with the clutch & shifting electronically controlled....

I have SMG in my E46 M3.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini have similar SMG system.
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