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Zaino Z2/P21S GEPC Questions for the Gurus...

I detailed Mrs. D8's Red Rocket over the weekend. (Background - she has a bright red '06 Honda Civic Si that I bought her for her birthday this past February. The car is a daily driver, but is otherwise garaged and pampered.)

I did a couple Dawn washes and got the paint prepped. I was simply amazed how flat the paint looks after six months. To revitalize and deepen the paint, after the Dawn washes, I laid down a coat of P21S Gloss-Enhancing Paint Cleanser (GEPC) before sealing it up with two coats of Zaino Z2 (w/ wipe downs of Z6 before, during and after). When I went to get my Zaino box down, I found my ZFX had turned from an inky blue liquid to, inky blue rubbery mass. Uh-oh! I laid down two coats of Z2 without ZFX and to be honest, didn't even miss it. The final product looked phenomenal.

My questions are: 1) Did I make a mistake in terms of using the P21S GEPC under the Z2, and 2) Should I expect my Zaino to last as long since I didn't have any ZFX to add to it? To be honest, I was surprised how quickly the Z2 hazed and how quickly and easily it came off after hearing stories for years about how greasy it was. my experience it was no problem at all. My only real concern was about the Zaino and P21s "playing well" together. Any thoughts/comments?

Thanks - Mike

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