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wheel, caliper etc repair & painting

Only had car 2 weeks but first coat of NXT tech wax on after nxt quick claying and scratch x treatment first.

I have the star spoke OE BMW sport alloys on my black sapphire UK '02 4.4is.

Maybe half a dozen or so (2-6mm wide & max 2mm deep) scuff marks to one of my rims (not by me) plus a minor score and the odd chip elsewhere. Just wondered if anyone had managed to do a decent spot repair. Done a minor one a couple of years ago just wondered if anyone had had success. I've used spray cans before without distater when patient.

Weighing up diy attempt versus getting wicked wheels to do it, (£65 each wheel in Uk- man in a van - same as sending off for a pro refurb).

Would appreciate any info on best silver match and if bmw have official paint codes for this.

Also my cars calipers and disc centre (hubs) dirty and corroded any ideas tips on deatiling these again info or pics on original colours or those used to retro detail as close to OE look as possible appreciated. ( Hand masked and painted my RX-8 ones in satin silver - lookked better than when car was new but pain inn the A**E to keep clean)

Not planning on doing this immediately so please dont expect in depth pics posted up after the weekend - (spent tooo much time detailing recently so and need to cut down time doing this in fairness to family).

Any info/thoughts appreciated.

First BMW so treat me gently.
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