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here's the problem, yes header out will create HP, at the huge expense for torque. Replace with a better flowing exhaust with high flow cats will give you HP and torque improvements. The whole point of Jet Hot or any other exhaust wrap is the the exhaust itself to retain heat within the header so it can evacuate the hot gases better. (same as ceramic or inconel headers).

Originally Posted by ljnlaw
Of course I did not mean just throw on headers without an exhaust...however from what I understand from many in the bizz including Turner Motorsports, Metric Mechanic, etc. the place you create the most hp (from the engine to the pipes) is straight out of the engine (i.e. the headers) you are not going to get any real gains with an exhaust system. While I don't know anything about the M5 exhaust system other than what I have seen, these are the general rules: You have to create a way to get those hot gasses out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Headers and jet hot coating are not just BS they work...exhaust systems may sound great but they really don't do much for improvements in hp. Just my .02
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