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help replicate Bluetooth specs- 530xd '06

hey everyone, knowing car model/etc how can i discover all the various systems in this car.....there is one person in germany who has beeen able to make his phone pair with the BMW bluetooth system using an unapproved nokia e61 smartphone. i need to find out what his system specs are, can you please help. he has a german 2006 530xd (jun/jul approximate production time) with Navigation Professional, Bluetooth kit, 6-CD-Changer plus CD and DVD drive in the middle console. i-drive. No speech input. all systems in deutch.

that's all i know. is there anyway to drill down and see what the exact config of his BT system is so i can try to replicate on a diff. BMW (usa e86 M)?
is the fact that this car has i-drive and e86M's do not a make or break factor in getting this uapproved phone to work?

PS there are a handful of known cases that have successfully used their nokia e61 on a BMW. i'm trying to replicate their success for the rest of us, any help in this attempt is appreciated.

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