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Originally Posted by Guilden_NL
I've done that and it doesn't work. I burned a couple and they all look OK on my PC but don't work in the MKIV.

I want to go with a real OEM DVD to make sure it isn't a "burning" issue. Cool - I will email you.
From experience, whether you can read it on your PC or not is immaterial as to whether the Navicomp will read it OK.

I have found the ONLY way I can successfully burn a good DVD is to use top notch media (I use Verbatim Datalife) and burn it SLOOOOW - 1x speed if you can, or the slowest your drive will support. Works for me 99% of the time.

You also need to ensure you are burning the DVD with the correct 'format' as I believe some DVD programs don't always burn the info to disk in the standard way (ISO?) - I actually now use DVDENCRYPTER but did use Alcohol120% until it stopped working.
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