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Originally Posted by trapdoor
Um, yes I DO have Perspective mode on - in fact I had to tell the dealer how to enable it.

The issue is that with V27 and above, in the split screen RH pane, you do NOT get your location if you are in a suburb or village. All you get is the NEAREST large town (presumably based on postcode)

That is the issue with V27+ but of course anyone who travels the motorways/freeways between major cities won't see the problem - its only if you goo off onto the minor roads through small villages - something that you have to do a lot in the UK. Therefore if you break down/have a prang, its no good the nav telling you that your location is Main Streen, Bigtown when in fact you are in Main Street, Tinyville (which is a village that just happens to be closeish to Bigtown)
Navteq (Licenced by BMW) have cocked up in a BIG way. You can enter a Postcode but the computer will only allow the first 5 digits. I'ts not very helpful is it?! I can't even find my own house....... I would suggest that you complain to BMW UK - but you won't get very far as their switchboard is staffed by young ladies who have not the faintest clue about cars - & neither have their supervisors . I have personally given up with BMW as their customer service is CRAP!
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