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Originally Posted by broknlgs24
does anyone on here have an M6? has anyone
driven an M6? the reason i ask is because of this
video clip from Top Gear. they make it look as
if the M6 is a nightmare to go back and forth
between the 400hp and 501hp? is it really all
that complicated or is it a one time setup and
then u just push the button?
I dunno about the M6 review, but the M5 was reviewed by Jeremy Clarkson, who hates anything BMW (apart from the M3 CSL). Wait, I take that back, he hates anything German.

He's got a little too much English (car) pride for me.

Other say, that its just because his arch nemesis with Tiff Needele (ex racecar driver who loves everything BMW) from Fifth gear... (There was once top gear, then the people left made fifth gear and then jeremy left fifth gear and remade top gear?!).

Something like that. Anyway, what i'm trying to say is that Mr. Clarkson has somewhat of a bias towards BMW's. Not trying to knock the show, I very much like the humor and its style as well as Hammond and the other guy (who are much more fair to BMW's too).
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