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In regard to what "Persanongrata" said about the Valeo's being the same brand as "SWF" I find that absolutely amazing. The wipers on my X5 are no different in design (or function) than the wipers on a 1985 3 series, and they do say "SWF" on them. The work like crap and the fact that BMW has essentially kept the same lousy wipers for all these years is the single worst thing the company has done in my opinion. How anyone on the autobahn traveling 120 mph in the rain can see anything with the stock wipers is a mystery to me. Anyway, if SWF's are Valeo's then I'm going with Bosch Icon's.

I just got a complete set of Valeo blades from Tire Rack. They're still doing the 2 for 1 deal so a pair of Valeo wiper blades is $20 plus shipping. You can't beat that. I also ordered a couple of the 18" rears and got the updated metal arm for the rear window and installed it all.

The Valeo blades look excellent and as KewlX5 has pointed out, Valeo supposedly makes them for BMW under the name "SWF". I compared the Valeos with the OEM blades on my E90 and they look identical in every way except for the SWF markings.
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