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Breyton Magics

Good afternoon to all!

So i bought breyton magics last year and got the dunlop sport tires (285/30/22) and the rims are 22x10. I wanted to know if i could have different size tires on front and back even when the rims are the same sizes....

I have been going on tireracks website and they are no help at all even tho i got the wheels from them, but they have a chart showing the sized and diameters with different wheels and tire sizes....

Wanting to know if i can go with a 265/35/22 tire on the front wheels and something like 315/30/22 on the back....

So the reason i am doin this is because the 285/30 on the front is wide and my steering wheel is hard to turn, and also the ride is pretty stiff but still not bad, but i am thinking if i change the tire sizes i can get better handling with the 265 and better rear width with 315 for more aggresive look.

I have checked the charts and seems like the rim diameter with tire will be about the same overall diameter, maybe a small difference.........So will this work for my wheels or do i have to get new wheels for a staggered tire fitment.....???

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