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since when is 300ft/lb a lot for a 6 speed ZF??? there are plenty of cars with more torque than that namely the MB's and Audi's and Bentley... why do you keep talking out of your ass when you have no clue WTF you're talking about...

Originally Posted by Kewl X5
I know it has nothing to do with the engine oil. Just threw that in there because with high oil temps, the engine will probably not last as long as a naturally aspirated car, but with the high torque that twin-turbo is outputing, the auto tranny probably won't last either. The thread was 335i with auto tranny with overheating problem....I know it was about whether there was a secondary oil cooler or not, etc., etc.

Time for you to start on a mood stabilizer!

Besides, you are the one who threw in that BMW forgot to "throw in a working SMG tranny for your M5!" My colleague's E60 M5 is still work fine with no problems with the car whatsoever. So I guess he's the lucky one. He has over 5K miles on it already and it is his daily driver.

Besides, you'll be in another car in one year anyhow!
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