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X5 Exhaust Solutions - Sound and Video Clips

Last updated 04/08/2007.

Aftermarket Applications

Eisenmann Exhaust
Manufacturer's Website:

Manufacturer's videos (4.6is):

Vehicle: 2004 4.4i with Eisenmann exhaust
Poster:: Xtacy
Manufacturer's videos:

Milltek Sport Exhaust
Manufacturer's Website:

Manufacturer's videos:
BMW 4.4i and 4.6is:
BMW 4.8is video #1:
BMW 4.8is video #2:


Vehicle: BMW 4.4i
Poster: UCrewX5
Owner: X5monkey

Poster: J.Seven
Vehicle: X5 4.4i Stock with X pipe (Before)
Vehicle: X5 4.4i with Remus and X pipe (After)

Supersprint Exhaust
Manufacturer's Website:
Vehicle: 2003 BMW X5 3.0i with AFE Intake
Poster:: gregwx5

Vehicle: 2004 BMW X5 4.4i with Magnaflow X-Pipe and Supersprint
Poster:: gregwx5

ZTEK Exhaust
Author: [email protected]
Vehicle: BMW 4.4i

Stock Applications

Description: X-Pipe modification, stock mufflers
Vehicle: Stock 2004 4.4i
Poster:: Wally

Description: Stock exhaust from cats back
Vehicle: BMW 4.8is
Poster: Steved

Poster: Steved
Vehicle: BMW 4.4i

Poster: Droptop
Vehicle: BMW 4.8is

Custom Applications

Description: X5 4.8is Exhausts on 4.4i
Vehicle: 2001 4.4i
Poster: Silkster

Description: Custom built using JKL muffers
Vehicle: 2001 X5 4.4i
Poster: crosvs

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