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Kevin...first of all, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires that you had orignally is NOT being made anymore. In fact, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimetrico is a totally different tire! It is quieter, stickier, and great in light-medium snow than your old Pirelli tires. In fact, even as the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A wears was much quieter than my Michelin Diamaris.

However, that being said, if you are not going to drive your X5 in the snow, then I would get the Michelin Diamaris. They do ride nice....handles great and quiet when new. They have great wear as well.

BTW, your tires look like that they are cupped due to improper toe settings. I have gone through several set of tires in my past 151K miles of driving and I have never seen that kind of wear on my rear tires.

Also, BTW, the E70 X5 uses Michelin Latitudes as an OEM tire. The Michelin Latitude is NOT the same class of tires as the Michelin Diamaris.

The Diamaris are summer/street/sport tire. The Diamaris CANNOT be used in the is useless even in a a few inches of snow.

The Latitudes are in the similar class as the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico in that they are high performance all-season tires.

The Pirelli Scropion Zero A's seem to do better in the snow than the Latitudes.

The Latitudes probably will last longer than the Diamaris.

Since you had a bad experience with Pirelli, then I would point you to the Michelin products.

If it wasn't for the light snow I sometimes encounter, then I would go for the Diamaris (1st), then possibly try the Latitudes (2nd).

BTW, I am enjoying the Michelin Pilot Sports 2 on the ZCP Wheels on the M3. The tires are broken in now and they are nice riding, sticky, and great handling. I haven't had a chance to try them in the rain, but supposedly they are better than the PS.

Also, I would recommend that you might as well go back to the 255/50-19 sizes at all 4 corners instead of the 285/45-19. I think you'll have a better turn-in response with that size. With the 3.0i, you won't be able to break the rear end like the 4.4i. Plus, you'll probably have less tramlining as well with the narrower tires.

Also, if you notice, even the new E70 X5 4.8i, BMW has decided to stick non-staggered sizes for the 18" and 19" wheels/tires combo. Only with optional 20" wheel/tire combo did BMW go to the staggered set-up.

Actually, my 19" ZCP with Michelin PS2 are about 1-2 lbs lighter than the my 18" M3 OEM wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports.

I actually think the ride is better on the my 19" ZCP wheels with the new PS2. I think it is a combination of possibly ligher weight, but probably more due to brand new tires and that PS2 has slightly better ride than the PS.

Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata
No ski trips for us so a tire good in the snow is not really necessary. I too share the same concern with the Latitudes. They're so new and while it could be supposed that they are in the same class as the Diamaris. I haven't considered the Pirelli Scorpion Zeros because I had a set of the original Pirelli Scorpions Zeros. I got with my wheels from Tire Rack and I did not like them very much. I kind of got soured on Pirellis. Diamaris might be a good choice but I was looking to try something new, like the Advans or Latitudes.

I don't run a staggered setup but I wonder if I should. All four wheels are the same width so I could only go as narrow/wide as the wheels will allow. They are 19x9.5. Thoughts?
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