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Originally Posted by Skimo100
I installed the sirius receiver using the sirius installation kit (for no nav) for my 2007 X3, 3.0si, which comes "prewired for sat". After installing it, all I get is the "aquiring" message on my radio screen, with a good and clear line of sight to the sky. Going back, and trying to figured out the steps....i noticed that there was only one sirius antenna connector on the wire bundle. The color was white and not blue. According to the intructions sent by circle BMW, there should be two connectors one white (which is not to be used for this installtion) and a blue one (which is to be changed with the curry connector that comes with the installation kit). However, the blue connector is missing. And the white connector, which I changed instead of the blue (since the blue is missing) with the curry connector appears to not be connected to the shark-fin antenna. Has anyone had this problem before of having the sirius blue connector missing????? (although is supposed to be pre-wired for sat according to specs on the 2007 X3 3.0is models). Is this common with the 2007 X3 that come pre-wired for sat? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Can you post a picture of your connections - we'll be able to determine a fix right away.
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