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SMG can be used as an automatic but it will not be as good as an automatic. Not even close. It's really meant to be used in sequental (manual) mode, with an automatic for the 10% of the time your significant other drives it.

The RX330 is the ultimate luxury washing machine. It rolls like the spin cycle, the gearbox is filled with soapy laundry detergent, and is about as invigorating to operate as choosing between Permanent Press or Regular wash. However like all modern Energy Star appliances, it costs very little to run in the short to mid-term. Reliability is decent and if your wife wants a quiet, comfortable transport device to get to her destinations, the RX330 will do this better than the 2004 5-series. The '04 5-series was not great on reliability. I would rather you find a '02 or '03 E39 5-series. For the price of a '04 530i, you can get a well-equipped E39, even a 540i if you're willing to replace the cooling hoses and radiator.
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