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Originally Posted by the head
Not really I give anyone shit for Wal-Marting or Amazoning a small business to death i do it in person too. I support small business because without it everything would be cheap and made in china...sometimes I have to pay a bit more but hey to me it is worth it to support a person trying to get a business off the for not being a paying member what is the point you people do little to none of your own maintianance so the tech forum is marginal 90% of the modifications are new fog light bulbs and angel eyes which are also the two most common modifications on every high school kid's honda civic, your off topic is fun at times but that is about it...and I read the detailing forum for the step by step stuff because I was a detailer for a while...which reminds me Phil have you ever thought of selling extractors? not the huge ones but like the 2 gal heated units? Anyway i dont see the reasoning to pay for an off topic forum especially since Greg is going to get fed up with me eventually anyway and put me in Time out if I donate money or not.
Let's cut the bullshit and get back to the facts.

What gives you the right to tell a Premier member with close to 8000 posts to STFU?

You think the tech forum is marginal? What, pray tell, do you think has not been covered in detail? Name something...

Just about everything that is exclusive to the X5 has been covered. What hasn't been covered in X5world since its inception in 2004, or in Bimmerfest, Bimmerforums, or Roadfly prior to 2004? The original X5world members used to post in these other forums before creating this forum. Do you think they wanted to rehash and rewrite every technical writeup and DIY that was already out there in the public domain?

Of course, that means you make liberal use of the search button (if you know how) across several BMW boards to get everything possible on the X5. It's out there.

Whether you support the vendors or not is your own personal choice. That was never in question here. What is in question is your choice of words. When you say "support our sponsors either way stfu", the word "our" implies that you're speaking for me and everyone else in telling one of our well-respected members to STFU. Nobody died and left you in charge as the spokesperson for the group so take the word "our" out of your vocabulary when speaking of this forum.

Whether you come, go, stay, pay, not pay, or get banned, I couldn't care less at this point. I'll let you figure it out how to make it right.
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