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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32
Well, if you wanted a sporty SUV, why wouldn't you get the X3 then? . Admittedly, the RX is the better commute appliance. As is the case with many BMWs, you end up driving the X3 faster than you originally intended, which could require more concentration. You get annoyed that the person in front of you is only doing 65mph simply because well, 65mph is walking speed in a BMW.

In a Lexus, you really don't care how fast you get to your destination; very relaxing in traffic indeed. Thus, you don't mind plodding along in the right lane during rush hour at 2mph because you are fast asleep anyways. More rest = good for low stress levels.

Plus, how could you possibly live with that irritating drone/noise (aka what Nissan calls an exhaust note) all the time, everyday for the next 3 years?
We're actually in the same boat, my dad now wants an RX350, and I must say, it is NO BMW, nowhere close, but it is a totally different machine, it's WAY more reliable, has a great interior and top-notch electronics inside and out, I find the rear end to be a big ugly, I can't stand the over-assisted power steering and the engine feels slow to me, but there are many many people (including my parents) who really prefer a smooth ride to a jarrring, sport type ride, hence why different vehicles are made
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