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Originally Posted by AZX5Gunner
I just bought a new pair of Michelin Diamaris tires for the front and asked the tire salesman what is best for road conditions in Arizona, most passengers would me myself, wife and 2 small kids.
Road trips with luggage, camping gear or other weight, suggested going up to 45-50 lbs depending upon the amount of stuff.
Mostly just me, back and forth to my office or to meet with clients.

Don't go by the max rating for the tire - look at the side of the drivers door or in the manual for mfr recommended psi.
I would suggest starting at 32 all round for unladen maybe a few psi higher in the rear.
If the X is going to be fully laden maybe put up to 38psi in the rear - 45-50 seems way, way too high to me.
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