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Over the past several months, I've assisted on 2 Procede and 1 Xede installs on friends' 335i's. The guy who bought the Xede met the Hugh brothers on a visit here to LA; he was actually one of the first beta testers of their client install program. The kits and installation procedures are virtually identical, as are the performance gains. All 3 guys have tracked their 335i's at Irwindale, but 1/8 mile times were all over the ballpark because of different trannies, different size wheels and tires, and driver skill. Overall, both kits are of pretty high quality and the support from both Shiv and the Hugh brothers are outstanding. Shiv is ahead of the Hugh brothers in putting out map updates; the Hugh brothers have more engineers and able to respond to map requests and phone support slightly faster. My buddy with the AA Xede 6-MT has the AA BOV and exhaust and has the new AA intercooler on order. 1 of the Procede guys is running SS exhaust, the other is otherwise stock. Both the Procede cars are Steptronics.

Both the Xede and Procede installs are simple, the only difficulty is sorting the wiring and swapping pins. 2 of the installs, we did at night, so doing the work in daylight is advisable. :P The Xede kit had the extra feature of 2 maps (stock and modified) and a valet switch installed in the glove box. Shiv is adding this to his kit in the future, if he hasn't done so already.

I've driven all 3 - they are all putting out good HP, but I can't tell if one product is better than the other in real world results. If anything, I'd say they are virtually identical and the final product selection criteria comes down to price and support. Shiv is probably ahead of the curve because he's been at it longer and has been putting out better maps, but the Hugh brothers are very close behind.

The Turbo Tuner was considered as an option, but Vishnu and AA products were picked because their well-established experience and reputations. Juicebox was not around at the time, but in following the threads, that's not a product I'd want.

Bottom line - IMHO Xede and Procede are both good products and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase either one.
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