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Whistle Intravee-II installed with Alpine CD Changer and Alpine iPod adaptor

Okay, before someone post, TTIWWOP , I will upload pics later tonight.

I got on the beta tester list for the Intravee-II adaptor which allows BMW with I-BUS to communicate with Alpine Ai-Net products. I got the 410c Ai-Net interface with Alpine CD Changer which can play MP3 disk and display the text of the songs and Alpine's 420 iPod adaptor.

Had the Intravee-II, Alpine stuff installed and attached my Apple 60G Video iPod and all is well. This is installed in our E46 M3 with NAV!

For more info, check it their website:

I did get the Intravee-II from Martin @

Will post pics later.

IT works as advertised.

BTW, my BMW OEM Sirius satellite still works!

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