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Sorry, got home late last night from work. I will post the NAV Screen pics later tonight, Friday night.....However, if you go to their website and watch the video demo, it works as advertised. You can control the iPod from the BMW radio and steering wheel. The Alpine Ai-Net interface shows up on the NAV Screen beautifully and it is fast. You can put it in enhanced search mode and browse through your iPod using the right rotary button on the BMW NAV system similar to your iPod control wheel. You can browse and select from Playlist (yes the Playlist names show up!!), Artist, Album, Songs! You can do random play on songs or I believe albums.

The CD Changer works like the OEM when selecting regular CD Audio disc (Disc 1-6 button and forward and back track), but if you burn and MP3 disc using ID V1 tags, the names and folders show up as CD-Text and again you can search through the MP3 CD as if you were on the PC looking at Folders. You can burn a MP3 CD which has folders and you can put each artist's song in each folder for better organization.

Installing the equipment was plug 'n play. It is deciding where to put the two Alpine equipment, (the Alpine Ai-Net interface 410c and Alpine iPod interface 420i). Since the E46 M3 doesn't have a spare tire, it was easy to put the Alpine boxes there. However, I guess I could have put the 420i on the left rear rack. I already have BMW Sirius taking up one of the rack space, but I guess the space to the left of the rack, I could have put the 420i. The problem was where to put the 410c. I have seen some install where you can put the 410c at the left rear floor cubby space, but in the end, I decided to keep it "hidden" underneath the rear floor. Plus, if I wanted to add HD radio using Alpine's DAB tuner, it would be easy to add!!

The intravee-ii is a small box and I put it on top of my bluetooth module.

The Alpine CD-Changer is the same size and fits exactly where the BMW OEM CD Changer sits.
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