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I am not sure about the iPod touch. I would post on the forum. You should register and post your question on their forum and I believe either Simon or RichardP will answer your iPod touch question. Remember, they are on the other side of the pond so they are a few hours ahead of you!!

I will post the NAV Screen pics on how the text is displayed and how it browses and searches on the iPod. iPod and CD Changer sound quality is excellent!

Originally Posted by abster641
I hate you right now! I am waiting for mine to be shipped!!! My Dice is driving me crazy and is so scratchy that you can barely hear the music!!! Was it easy to install? The next question is will it work with the new Ipod Touch! I may buy a new Touch today:-)

Post some pictures and it is really not nice to rub this in for the people who are still waiting for theirs to be shipped and missed the Beta testing program!!

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