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BTW, Richard, I'll post the pics of the install on intravee's forum later tonight!

I may be the first US Install from bimmernav to post.

Originally Posted by RichardP1
I'm not sure if anyone's tried a Touch yet with the Intravee. I have tried a load of iPods and it's pretty much impossible to know which one you are controlling, the newer iPods are maybe a fraction faster but that's about it.

The iPods I've tested are (and other people may have tested other variants, for example the iPhone which is not yet available in the UK):

15Gb Gen3
20Gb Gen3
20GB Gen4
20Gb Gen4 HP version
30GB Photo
60Gb Photo
60Gb Video Gen5
80Gb Video Gen5.5
160Gb Classic
1Gb Gen1 Nano
4Gb Gen1 Nano
8Gb Gen2 Nano
8Gb Gen3 Nano
4Gb Gen1 Mini
6Gb Gen2 Mini
6Gb Gen2 Mini HP Version

Just need to get my hands on a Touch and then I'll have tested just about every varient of iPod that has a dock connector.

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