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Thanks John mate, bit more encouraged now

Even if I need to fork out 120 for a harness, at least if it works and doesn't involve ripping the carpet up I could live with it.

Got the ULF now, all looks good, came with the card/key and book (one with with phone box on the cover).

Hopefully all I need to do is get the cradle, mike, antenna and two cables now.

If the dealers cant help with a cable how do you fancy getting your soldering iron out again (for a good price of course). Just the minimal cable would do. Just need to check my TV/NAV connector tomorrow - hopefully it's ok on a 2003.

Well done on your retrofit. You must have been as happy as a pig in poo when it all worked

Call to the dealers in the morning. Can't find a part number on real oem or ETK.

Thanks again.

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