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Trades, anyone?

Available from the LA Looters roster:

Derek Anderson - #3 QB behind Brady and Romo for total points generated. If you haven't noticed, Cleveland's pass offense has been outstanding and will continue to product for the rest of the season.
or Payton Manning #4 QB (albeit with a bye week)

Kris Brown - #1 Kicker in the league
or Adam Vinatieri - #2 Kicker in the league

Marques Colston - Having a disappointing season thus far due largely to Bree's ineffectiveness at QB. Bree's looks like he turned the corner this weekend; look for Colston to get back to being a focal point of the offense.

Brandon Marshall - Denver #2 receiver (soon to be #1). Big, stronger, and has better hands than Javon Walker, and just as fast.

Cedric Benson - Guaranteed to get carries, but not guaranteed to get yards. Decent flex play, lousy stater.

I need one or two bigtime running backs.
Adrian Peterson
Joe Addai
Ronnie Brown
Larry Johnson

or a top line receiver.

Serious inquries only.

No Kurt Warner for Payton Manning trades please...
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