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Exclamation BMW 116i VS VolksWagen Golf

Hellloz....I'm thinking of a new ride

For the time being I'm outside US, finishing my medical studies and preparing USMLE so my budget is not that high and the taxes here are high so don't talk about cars I can't buy

My ride now is a Peugeot 206 Hatchback, it's more than 3 years old or so...and here's some photos for it cause Peugeot is not selling cars right now in US in case u don't know the 206

I can pay right now between 35,000 to 40,000$ , don't start comparing to US prices cause the taxes here are something else...

so after searching I can get the BMW 116i or the VolksWagen Golf in 2 completly diffrent packages..

BMW 116i comes with 1.6 Petrol Engine 122 Hp - FR - 6 Speed Manual Transmission with mid-options package:
ABS - 16 inch wheels - 6 Airbags - Sunroof - Network Cloth Seats - Radio Business CD with 6 CD changer - Xenon Headlights - Front Lights Washers - Bluetooth System - PDC - Multifunctions Sport Steering Wheel - Auto Diming 4 Mirros - Smokers System.

the new 2008 116i will cost me about 41000$ including the registration papers and's on the maximum margin!

VolksWagen Golf is the other choice (it's Rabbit I think in US) comes with also 1.6 Petrol Engine - 112 Hp - FF - 6 Speed Tiptronic Transmition but with the full options package:
ABS - ESR - EBD - 17 inch wheels - 10 Airbags - Sunroof - Leather Heated Seats - Electric Movment for the Driver Seat - Radio/CD - Xenon Headlights - Heated Mirrors with Auto Diming - Bluetooth System - Parking and Rain Sensors - Adjustable Speed System.

The Golf will cost me about 37800$ in tottal....

so what do u think? getting the BMW 118i or 120i will be impossbile 4 me now (with the Tiptronic gearbox) the 118i will cost me more than 48000$ for example....

there are some other options If I want to pay the Mitubishi Lancer EX 2008 and the New Honda Civic...

to be honest I prefer the BMW, but the Golf offers some good options too

The Best Is Yet To Come!

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