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There is a lot of information on this topic floating on the web. Some of it seems contradictory. For example, I've read in some places that you should not use silicon, but w/ little information as to why. But, from what I've put together, silicon itself doesn't seem to harm tires. Products that contain petroleum distillates and solvents can harm tires (my detail spray doesn't contain them, or so it says). These cleaners can break down the rubber. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the well known tire dressings contain distillates/solvents, giving them their greasy feel. Real Shaka has a point about silicon, though. From what I understand about it, silicon doesn't offer much in the way of UV protection. Maybe I'll try my silicon spray as a "topper" after I coat it with something w/ UV protection.

Please, if anyone can provide any better or more technical information, I (and others) would appreciate it.

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