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I have my 2008 M6. Picked it up at the Welt and its off the ship waiting to go thru customs. I could buy any car I want and while I am very, very partial to BMW, for the price and performance (V10) it is the best car out there. The differences between the 07' and 08' are subtle to say the least. BMW is giving off 4500 from left over 07's and great lease deals. You can save like 600 a month by getting a 07'. For me this did not work as I did European delivery, but if did not than the 07' would be in my garage.

The AMV8 is high on looks and low on performance. The Gallardo is a over Hyped Audi, the Ferrari's are used and they will be high in maintance. You could buy a used Conti GT but they are verywhere in my Neighborhood and my GYM looks like a Benlty used car lot.

That being said if you want looks and a car that not too many people have than Maserati just came out with their new coupe and while there are a few 650i's out there, the M6 is still sort of rare near me. Most people dont want the SMG and others think its too much car.
If you have any other questions ask away.
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