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I have an 04 4.4 and I drove a 4.8. Yes, the handling, breaking, power, and sound are certainly better in the 4.8, but I just couldn't get past how hard it rode. I have the sport package on my 4.4 w/19's and the ride is much better than the 4.8. If I was younger and didn't have to drive my dad or GF around in my car, I would have no problem with the 4.8, but even in the much better riding 4.4, my dad says "you spent how much money on this thing and I can feel every bump?". If he ever rode in a 4.8 he'd surely think something's wrong with it. When I was driving the 4.8 I had my kids with me. We went over a rather wide expansion joint in the road and those 20's slapped so hard even my 13 yr. old son said "whoa, what was that?" When I go over the same spot in my 4.4, you can certainly feel it, but no one even acknowledges it. And the power in the 4.4 is still damn good... The 4.8 is just a little too high-strung for me. You definitely need to drive it for yourself. Is the 4.8 worth the extra money? Hell yes, if that's the type of setup you like. In my experience, the 4.8 was about $7k more than my fully loaded 4.4 - fairly significant I think. Good luck!
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