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Originally Posted by X5Jay
I have an 04 4.4 and I drove a 4.8. ... I just couldn't get past how hard it rode. I have the sport package on my 4.4 w/19's and the ride is much better than the 4.8. ... We went over a rather wide expansion joint in the road and those 20's slapped so hard even my 13 yr. old son said "whoa, what was that?" When I go over the same spot in my 4.4, you can certainly feel it, but no one even acknowledges it.
I love the extra power and brakes on the 4.8is, but you can get pretty close with a few Dinan mods on the 4.4i. In terms of handling, the 4.4i sport has the exact same suspension, so with 20" wheels/tires they should be identicle.
Also, I'm not sure how much more the 4.8 would be to insure, but that may be another consideration (?)

What made me go with the 4.4 was primarily price (of course) but also, I thought if I'm buying an "SAV" then I'd actually prefer to have a little more sidewall on the tires (like 18's or 19's) to keep the ride a little more reasonable, as X5Jay illustrates above. And although I like the look of the front/rear body-colored ground effects, I think it detracts from the nature of what the X5 is intended to be... a great handling road vehicle that has the flexibility and ground clearance to play off road when asked to do so
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