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Originally Posted by pepatrick
Not well...Go with the 4.8...The 4.8s hold their value much more than the 4.4i. Both do well...the 4.8 holds it and maintains it. Look at 02 and 03 4.6is...they are still brining rediculous money...
I'm not sure about this, or at least BMW doesn't agree. If you look at the leases, the residuals for the 4.8is are actually lower than that for the 4.4i.

My lease on a loaded 4.4i is $750 per month on a 39 month lease vs. $1350 for the 4.8is. Considering the price difference between the two was less than $10K, that means the 4.8is will be valued at roughly $10K less than the 4.4i at the end of the lease.

Doesn't sound right, but that's the way it seems to be according to BMW's numbers. Now it could be that you could turn that 4.8is around and sell if for more and pocket the difference, but BMW puts the residual surprisingly low.
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